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Our products pack a punch when it comes to features and it would be easy to miss some of them. Here we post helpful tips & tricks about how to use our products & services.

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Get an international number?

Posted in October 2015 on the Dial 9 blog

If you make or receive international calls regularly, you'll be pleased to hear that we are now offering the option to add international numbers to your account.

Exploring presets

Posted in October 2015 on the Dial 9 blog

Recently we introduced a new feature which allows you to divert incoming calls to one or more incoming numbers at the click of a button. This might be useful in...

Accessing your console over SSH

Posted in April 2015 on the Viaduct blog

The Viaduct application console allows you to easily access your live environment from your web browser or your terminal. You may have used this from the web console or Viaduct...