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AppMail replacing our built‑in SMTP service

Posted in November 2016 on the Viaduct blog

Earlier this week we launched AppMail which is an e-mail platform designed for developers like you. AppMail can handle all your incoming & outgoing e-mail and offers an easy to...

New pricing for applications

Posted in March 2016 on the Viaduct blog

Since we launched, we've allowed applications to be deployed to our platform free of charge. Our free applications allow you to deploy applications with a single process without paying anything...

https:// for everyone

Posted in December 2015 on the Viaduct blog

As a community, we're increasingly concerned about the amount of unencrypted traffic which is passing over the internet for all to see. Historically, website owners have had to pay certificate...

Now available on iPhone

Posted in October 2015 on the Viaduct blog

We're really pleased to announce the launch of our new Viaduct iPhone application. Our new app allows you to monitor the status of your apps, deploy them and keep an...

Bandwidth Billing

Posted in May 2015 on the Viaduct blog

Until now, we haven't been billing anyone for bandwidth used by applications used on Viaduct although we have always planned to add this and advertised pricing for it on our...

The Atom Stack

Posted in February 2015 on the Viaduct blog

Firstly, the most important news, we've just released Ruby 2.2.0 and Node 0.12.0 on the platform. You can start using these right now.

Oh? What's this? New Website!

Posted in February 2015 on the Viaduct blog

I'm extremely pleased to announce the launch of our new website! We've been working on this for a few weeks and I'm really pleased with the new lick of paint.

Free hosting for HACKBMTH projects

Posted in January 2015 on the Viaduct blog

Back in 2013, we hosted the first ever HACKBMTH event in our offices in Poole. Now, we want to give some more back to the local community and are now...

Now with full IPv6 support

Posted in January 2015 on the Viaduct blog

After a few months of poking, proding and testing we're very pleased to say that the Viaduct platform now fully supports IPv6 across the whole platform (including your applications, myViaduct...

Christmas 2014

Posted in December 2014 on the Viaduct blog

It's coming up to Christmas time here but nothing will really will change for Viaduct users. Our systems are monitored 24/7/265 and should anything occur our team will be on...

The Viaduct App Store

Posted in December 2014 on the Viaduct blog

Viaduct is the ideal home for your web applications but it's also a great place to deploy other people's apps for your own use. For example, if you wanted to...

New Application Error Pages

Posted in December 2014 on the Viaduct blog

In light of our recent redesign, it was time for us to refresh the look of the error pages which can appear if there are issues when accessing applications hosted...