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Devops & Infrastructure

An insight into the way we run the infrastructure that runs all our services.

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MySQL Indexing Explained

Posted in January 2015 on the Viaduct blog

In the time we've been assisting people with hosting their web applications, the most common reason we've seen for performance problems has been missing or incorrectly used database indexes, so...

Production database lifecycle

Posted in December 2014 on the Viaduct blog

Our production databases provide you with a fault-tolerant platform for storing all your application data. In this post, I just wanted to outline exactly how these databases run and what...

Identifying Crashed LXC Containers

Posted in December 2014 on the Viaduct blog

This is a slightly technical post which I just wanted to put out there to assist anyone who may run into the problem. If you're not using Linux Containers, you...

Accessing proxy logs

Posted in November 2014 on the Viaduct blog

Hot on the heels of our new web interface, we're delighted to be able to provide you with access to see every request which passes through our proxies/load balancers to...

Export your databases

Posted in August 2014 on the Viaduct blog

It's important to keep backups of any data which you upload to Viaduct (or, indeed, any hosting provider). We've just added a new Database Export feature which allows you to...

Direct access to processes & databases

Posted in May 2014 on the Viaduct blog

Your Viaduct environment is usually safely ensconced on our private network and inaccessible from the outside world. However, there are times when you need direct access to certain components of...

Improved Logging Interface

Posted in April 2014 on the Viaduct blog

We've recently pushed out some nice changes to our logging facilities. This includes a new log viewer which allows you to watch activity live in your browser in an easy...

Introducing Viaduct

Posted in December 2013 on the Viaduct blog

Hello and welcome to the inaugural post on the Viaduct blog! In this initial post I wanted to quickly explain our plans and what we're doing about making them a...