DeployHQ is a code deployment platform designed to help you get files from Git, Mercurial & Subversion repositories onto your servers using SFTP, FTP and more!

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Deployment Restrictions

Posted in April 2016 

We're pleased to announce the addition of a new feature to the Deploy platform today - the ability to restrict deployments based on certain days and times.

Mobile Apps

Posted in April 2016 

We're pleased to announce the release of our Deploy app for both iOS and Android devices - you can download the app straight from the App Store for iOS devices,...

Android App

Posted in April 2016 

We're delighted to announce the arrival of Deploy on Android!

Gitlab Support

Posted in October 2015 

Whilst we've had support for Gitlab repositories for some time, we've recently deployed full support for Gitlab via OAuth as well as the ability to trigger automatic deployments using both...

Bitbucket Webhooks

Posted in June 2015 

Recently Bitbucket have updated their Repository settings with direct support for Webhooks, and will be removing support for their old Services features in the future.

Excluded Files per Server

Posted in June 2015 

Deploy has the ability to explicitly exclude files from your repository based on a file pattern match.

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Improved E‑mail Notifications

Posted in June 2015 

It has been said that Deploy's email notifications can be a little too binary, you can receive notifications of all deployments, or none at all. Today we're giving you the...

Introducing Deploy v2

Posted in April 2015 

After 6 months work, we're really pleased to announce the launch of Deploy v2. This new version includes a completely re-written UI which has been optimized to make things as...

FTPS Support

Posted in April 2015 

Good news if you need to use FTP to upload your files to your server, but you'd like a little extra security. Today we're introducing support with for FTPS (SSL/TLS).

Customise your notifications

Posted in January 2015 

For a long time, Deploy has been able to send messages to your private chat system of choice (Hipchat, Slack, Campfire or Flowdock) to alert you to the success for...

Thanks for your feedback!

Posted in January 2015 

Over the past few weeks a lot of you have been getting in touch to let us know what you think about the new version of Deploy which is currently...