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We're always pushing new features to our products. We post about them all on our blog so you can find them all in here.

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Repository browser

Posted in September 2015 on the Viaduct blog

We've just pushed a few feature out to myViaduct which will allow you to browse your repository from within the interface. This means you can easily click to see what...

Smoother image attachments

Posted in July 2015 on the Codebase blog

Drag and dropping file attachments into your tickets and discussions just got better. Drag a PNG or JPEG image onto your update to have a link to it automatically inserted...

Improved Slack Notifications

Posted in July 2015 on the Viaduct blog

The Viaduct notification system provides you with a great way to ensure that you keep everyone in the loop when things happen on your Viaduct apps.

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Console Aliases

Posted in July 2015 on the Viaduct blog

If you're a keen user of the Viaduct console, you'll likely find that you usually open up a console and run the same command over and over again.

Tidy up your Branches

Posted in July 2015 on the Codebase blog

If you're anything like me you're terrible at tidying up your remote branches once you've merged your work, leading you to having a great big, long list in Codebase. This...

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Better Contacts and Companies

Posted in June 2015 on the Sirportly blog

Today we're introducing a new way to view your contacts and their associated tickets; by company! Open up your Contacts tab in Sirportly and select 'View Companies' on the right.

Custom Calendar Events

Posted in June 2015 on the Codebase blog

Earlier today we deployed a new calendar to Codebase which allows you to create your own events at both an account or project level. These events can be displayed to...

Global Hooks

Posted in June 2015 on the Codebase blog

Codebase has always offered users a way to post project-events to third party services such as Slack or HipChat, or to your own services using HTTP Post. Unfortunately, up until...

Syntax Highlighted Diffs

Posted in May 2015 on the Codebase blog

Hot on the heels of our Side-by-Side Diff Views update comes syntax highlighting in diffs. This should make reading diffs much easier than before.