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Upgrading Ubuntu 20.04 to 22.04 LTS using the command line 

Posted in December 2022 on the Krystal blog

Upgrading your Ubuntu version is incredibly intimidating — Particularly if you aren't well versed in the Linux CLI (Command Line Interface) yet. Ubuntu 22.04 (Jammy Jellyfish) is the most recent LTS release and will receive free system updates until April 2027!

Getting started with Docker on a VPS

Posted in October 2022 on the Krystal blog

Chances are you’ve heard of Docker at some point in your professional life. You’re also likely aware that Docker has become an integral part of application development.

Black Friday is going Green

Posted in November 2019 on the Krystal blog

Here at Krystal, Black Friday is going Green. For every hosting package purchased on Green Friday (and over the weekend) we will plant 1 tree in our grove in the Scottish Highlands with Trees for Life.

What is .htaccess?

Posted in November 2019 on the Krystal blog

The .htaccess file (Hypertext Access) is a configuration file that is used to detail exactly how visitors interact with the website and how data on the website itself is presented within the web browser. The dot at the start of the file name (.htaccess) signifies that it is a hidden file. This file is usually hidden from your view and always hidden from general users, as the file contains configuration information and other security-related data. You can make changes to this file either via the file manager within your hosting account or by accessing your hosting via FTP.  There are a huge number of reasons you may want to view and edit the .htaccess file. We’re going to expand on just a few of the more common ones.