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Invite others to your WebPush applications

Posted in December 2014 on the Viaduct blog

If you've started using our new WebPush service, you can now invite your colleagues to manage your WebPush applications too. Just head over to the application and choose Permissions from...

Say hello to our new website

Posted in November 2014 on the Viaduct blog

After last week's new interface was published, our website was somewhat "lacking". Therefore, we're really pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website! Do check it out we'd...

Our lovely new web interface

Posted in November 2014 on the Viaduct blog

We're really pleased to announce the launch of new web interface. We've been working on this for a little while. If you have a Viaduct account, why not login and...

Git submodules now available

Posted in April 2014 on the Viaduct blog

Git users can now take advantage of submodules in their repositories. Until now, submodules could not be deployed using Viaduct.

So wow. Live first site is.

Posted in February 2014 on the Viaduct blog

After months of extremely hard work, I am so excited to announce that the first application has just been deployed to the new production Viaduct platform.

Introducing Viaduct

Posted in December 2013 on the Viaduct blog

Hello and welcome to the inaugural post on the Viaduct blog! In this initial post I wanted to quickly explain our plans and what we're doing about making them a...